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Surge/Lightning Protection

We offer the highest quality Surge/Lightning Protection equipment available. We have an extensive range of DB board fitted Surge Protection, Line Conditioners and plug and play surge protection.


Surge/Lightning Protection Surge/Lightning Protection Surge/Lightning Protection Surge/Lightning Protection

Services Include

Sales, Installations, Warranty Replacement of all Surge Protection, for various applications and industries, including: Home/Private, Business/Commercial, Medical and Industrial.

Key Benefits

  • OTTO Technology Solutions have a comprehensive range of office surge protection, home surge protection, industrial surge protection and lightning protection systems designed for complete surge and lightning protection coverage.
  • Surge protectors are used to protect any electrical and electronic device from surges. e.g. printers, fax machines, answering machines, modems, alarm panels, CCTV Systems, TV's etc.
  • Get Professional service and Expert advice on the correct, calculated solutions for your application specific needs and requirements.
  • Quality workmanship & peace of mind, knowing that all installations & repairs are carried out by Professionals who are Experts in their trade with calculated solutions and an eye for detail.


Protect all of your electrical and electronic equipment from Power Surges & Lightning. Our DB fitted range of surge protectors enables you to protect your entire Home or Business, we use full thermal disconnect MOV's between line and neutral as required by the new SABS standards in all their surge protection devices. We also have an extensive range of surge protected plug n play adapters and multiplugs, including network and phone line arrestors available.

Capabilities and Options:

  • Household Surge Protection
  • Office Surge Protection
  • DB board surge protection

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